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Hundred Visions’ video for “Where Do I Sign”. Directed by Matt Muir of Revelator. I shot this using a Sony PMW-350 + an Atomos Samurai.

Music video for A Giant Dog’s ‘Cleveland Steven’. Canon 5DmkIII, 70’s electro motorcycle helmet, plastic bag over the rear element, and poor Sabrina’s noggin.

Documentary I shot about one of my younger brothers and his car back in 2008. DVX 100B, ya’ll.

Trailer for the The Revisionaries. I shared cinematography duties with the director, Scott Thurman. http://www.therevisionariesmovie.com/

Here’s another of the Tillamook spots. I can’t take credit for the final shot of someone taking a bite out of the sandwhich, but I like the copy a lot more.

One of a few Tillamook Cheese spots I shot a while back. The copy is… strange. Canon 5D, 7D, and Super 8mm.

A Giant Dog’s “Pins and Needles”. 1080 60i dubbed down to VHS and then thrown over to mini DV before being knocked back up to 720p. Hello Optimism.

OBN III’s “No Enemies”. RED Scarlet + dirty old Nikon glass. Hello Optimism.